Social Media Star J Dollaz Says He's Not Gay Anymore

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    We could never understand why people felt the need to announce they were going back into the closet but if you like it we love it. Be you! Follwoing in the footsteps of Andrew Cauldwell another viral video star claims he is delivered from homosexuality.

    In 2015, the young man above rose to fame when he uploaded a video of himself online.

    Now, after identifying as a gay man for years, JDollaz finds himself in the middle of an intense debate on human sexuality after revealing that he is now heterosexual.
    His big reveal below…

    Dollaz surprised his followers days ago when he took to Twitter to a respond to the arrival of a meme which claimed that he was no longer interested in men.



    My teacher was too mad

    — JDolllaz (@_jahdiah) September 11, 2015


    — JDolllaz(@_jahdiah) December 30, 2017

    If one more person tag me in this! YES ITS TRUE. I’m not gay no more.

    A post shared by JahdiahDNorelus (@_jahdiahn) on Dec 29, 2017 at 9:31am PST

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